Wild Cherry Wood Chunks will burn for longer than wood chips or sticks, giving you a bit more smoke. Cherry wood smoke is a lighter, more subtle alternative to harder woods for smoking such as Ash and Oak, great for poultry or fish.

As these cherry wood chunks have been seasoned, they may want to catch on flame when you add them to your coals, especially on an open barbecue where you cannot control the airflow.  If you move them to a cooler part of your grill they should smoulder and give off their pleasant cherry smoke rather than burning to produce heat. Be assured, properly seasoned wood for smoking will produce flavourful smoke and not the vapour you would see from wet wood.

Perfect for using with our mildly flavoured sustainable Ash charcoal.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45.7 × 20.0 × 17.4 cm

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