Biochar Kilns

Small Scale Biochar Kilns for Domestic, Commercial, Research or Agricultural Use

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We are the UK agent for High Plains Biochar based in Wyoming, US. Producing smaller scale biochar kilns for those that want to make biochar at home or on a smaller commercial or agricultural scale, High Plains Biochar aims to make production more accessible whilst also surpassing larger plants on emissions and biochar quality. 

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Front of the High Plains Biochar barrel

The biochar kilns we produce range from batch machines capable of making around 40litres of biochar in 2-3 hours to continuous flow machines that are fully automated and produce around 12litres per hour. Options include air or water heat exchangers as well as thermoelectric generators. Individual projects will have specific requirements so feel free to get in touch to talk through ideas.

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Quality biochar brings water, nutrient and microbial benefits to soil

Different kilns have different feedstock requirements, but different materials can be experimented with.

It is now widely accepted that quality biochar brings water, nutrient and microbial benefits to soil but can also be used in animal feed or bedding, water filtration or dozens of other ways. High Plains Biochar kilns utilise high temperatures to produce high quality chars, whilst minimising emissions.

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High Plains Biochar Rocketchar 301 stove

If you have sufficient feedstocks or wastes then small scale biochar kiln technologies can provide you with a consistent supply of biochar and energy from it’s production. There is also growing demand for carbon removal credits, to inset both personal and business emissions.

Learn more about High Plains Biochar and the projects they are involved in in the United States

Learn more about the RocketChar 301 Kiln

The RocketChar 301 is High Plains Biochar’s continuous flow biochar kiln. Using rocket stove principles it delivers high temperature biochars 24/7, and can take a range of feedstocks up to 30% moisture and around 50mm diameter.

See RocketChar 301 Spec Sheet

Learn more about High Plains Biochar's Barrel Kiln

The Biochar Barrel is a small scale batch machine that offers huge flexibility in feedstock and production parameters. Ideal for domestic, community or small commercial use such as with greenhouses, or for research purposes when investigating how different feedstocks respond to pyrolysis.

See the Biochar Barrel Spec Sheet
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