The Ash tree.

Did you know?

  • Steeped in mythological history, ash was known as the tree of life or Venus of the woods as the first man was said to be born of an ash tree.
  • Ash trees are the third most populous tree in Great Britain.
  • Ash trees famously have a low moisture content when felled, meaning it’s faster to season and makes great British Ash charcoal.
  • It was used in ancient medicine, burnt to ward off evil spirits and druids made their wands from ash because of its straight grain.
  • Often used for tools and sports equipment due to its toughness and shock absorbency.
  • Ash trees can live approximately 400 years and if well managed and coppiced for firewood and charcoal they can live even longer.
  • Ash trees are in the olive family.
  • Their airy canopy, late leaf burst and early leaf fall allow sunlight to reach wild flowers on the woodland floor, and often allow for a secondary woodland storey such as hazel coppice.
  • British Ash Charcoal is a fantastic all round BBQ fuel as it provides a steady, stable heat that burns for a good amount of time. We expect a 1kg bag to burn for at least 30 minutes on an open BBQ, and much longer if you have the ability to control the airflow.

Check out what the Woodland Trust has to say about British Ash trees

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1 review for Ash Charcoal
  1. Rose and Gareth Pritchard

    We’ve used the Ash charcoal and we’re very impressed and pleased with it. It heated up very quickly, kept a good heat whilst cooking fish, vegetables and then meat. Afterwards we added more to toast marshmallows with no problem at all. Nice to find an excellent product available locally.

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