The Alder tree.

Did you Know? 

  • Historically alder charcoal was thought to produce some of the best gunpowder due to its very strong but very consistent heat production.
  • Alder’s love of water gives it wide growth rings, which makes for a surprisingly light charcoal!
  • Alder is a fast growing tree, and can be coppiced well, making it very sustainable.
  • Much of the foundations of Venice are built of alder because it doesn’t rot in water. 
  • Alder makes a great smoking wood for fish or chicken, giving a slightly sweet, subtle flavour. check it out HERE.
  • It is the only native British deciduous tree to develop it’s seeds in cones.
  • Historically thought to be a bad omen because of the blood red colour of the wood when cut and generally associated with death, alder rods would be used to measure corpses and graves.
  • Alder is fantastic for bees as it’s catkins provide an early source of pollen.
  • Because of the wet conditions and its usual proximity to water, Alder is often home to mosses, lichen, fungi, butterflies and many other insects that live near rivers, streams and lakes.
  • As alder charcoal is so light, and we package by the kilo, our bags are bursting! You will not be disappointed.

Read more about the fascinating Alder tree from the Woodland Trust

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