Blacksmiths Charcoal fines are produced from a mix of Ash, Oak and Beech hardwoods sourced from close to our base in the North Wessex Downs. These woods all have different burn characteristics, with Ash burning hot, and Beech and Oak longer. For more information on each, please see our barbecue charcoal products.

We produce our charcoal using the retort method where the wood never comes into contact with a direct flame but is instead “cooked” at around 500 degrees centigrade for 8 or so hours until all of the volatile gases and tars have been consumed. This produces charcoal with a high carbon content and no ash fraction. The main characteristics of such charcoal are a very clean burn with no smoke, high heat output and minimal ash residues.

Blacksmiths charcoal is a traditional product, predating the use of coal and obviously propane. The original discoveries of smelting may likely have been found using charcoal due to the the higher heats obtained when compared to a wood fire. Bronze age weapons, tools, armour and art would have been forged using charcoal.

We have graded our blacksmiths charcoal over a 25mm and then an 8mm round hole sieve. Although we cannot guarantee there will not be smaller or larger pieces than this, the majority will be within this range. Charcoal is a naturally dusty product so please take care when handling.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 61 × 26.3 × 26.3 cm

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