Biochar can offer incredible benefits to your soil through its unbelievable surface area and absorption capabilities. With a surface area of between 300m2 and 900m2 our all natural carbon chips have the potential to store reserves of nutrients and moisture, and keep it available to plants. We recommend that you either inoculate your biochar first using a nutrient rich compost or fertiliser tea so that the charcoal is readily charged with goodness before you add it to your soil. If you are adding it direct then ensure that there is a plentiful supply of nutrients already in the soil to see the best benefits.

With these recent hot spells we have seen in spring the water holding capability of biochar is especially beneficial as it means that your soil will not dry out as quickly, and there will be moisture available to your plants for longer. Great for potting compost in high temperature environments such as greenhouses or when planting and root systems have yet to fully establish.

The recommended rate for application to soils is 1:10. That is for every 50 litre bag of compost we recommend adding 5 litres (approximately quarter of this bag) of this product. On the upside, you can’t really add too much, and every little helps.

As biochar is essentially just carbon, it can remain in your soil indefinitely. Apply once and reap the benefits. All of our biochar is packaged in paper bags as this reduces our reliance on single use plastic.

Considerable research has been conducted into the benefits of biochar and other biomass that has undergone pyrolysis not only to soil health but also carbon sequestration and animal feed supplements. The high surface area but relative inactivity of the material also allows it to absorb toxins readily, and was traditionally used as an antidote to poisoning.

See what the Royal horticultural Society has to say about biochar.

Larger quantities are available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45.7 × 34.0 × 16.3 cm

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